What Makes A Good Wedding Dressmaker?

Silk Flowers for DressThe most memorable and cherished day of all is certainly the wedding of a person. Wedding is the complete vow of standing there with each other, side by side throughout the walk of life. This event makes best of the memory for the couple. Mostly couples start working on the wedding arrangements and planning months before the wedding for creating excellence and reaching perfection in everything from the cake and arrangements to the dresses of the bride and groom. This is done to make sure nothing is left behind for the big day.

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On this photo is my and professional dressmaker Irina Sigal’s joint project.  http://irinasigal.com/

The main thing to see is to get the right wedding dress for you. You can select the dress design you want and then order it for custom stitching. But who would do that for you? Definitely a dressmaker can guide you and get you the best and finest stitched dress for your wedding day. To create a beautiful dress, choose a reliable dressmaker. Go through the following steps to get to know how to find the right dressmaker:

  1. A dressmaker you choose should be friendly enough to hear your opinions and add in his own suggestions as well. Discuss the style, design, color combinations, fabric and other accessories you want to add in. The dressmaker you choose should not be the one who has got tons of appointments.
  2. The style you want to have must be decided at first so that you don’t get confused at the dressmaker’s shop. Let him know your preferences so that he can come up with the right wedding dress you have dreamt for. The exact measurement, fabric, color, style, designing and other accessories and details should be known by you to let the dressmaker know.
  3. See the dress samples of the dressmakers to have an idea of the stitching they do. The previous work of the dressmakers will let you know well about the work quality. Compare the work of every dressmaker you visit and choose the best one who can understand your point well.
  4. Another way can also be to ask someone who got married some time before your marriage to have a good idea about everything and learn from their choices of wedding dressmakers to reach perfection in your own wedding.

The best dressmaker will understand the figure of the customer in a very unique way that can let him choose the right style with the right shape. Do your homework regarding the dress. The body and the shirt of the dress are two different things to handle and merged together afterwards. The figure of the person is measured by considering the height, neck to waist length and the proportion of fabric used. Measurements of hips, waist and buttocks are necessary for getting a perfect fitting for the wedding gown. These are some important tips that the wedding dressmakers can follow to make the dress.

The person looking for a dressmaker should consider above mentioned so that he may choose the right person to design the dress for the special day.

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