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After planning and designing the wedding dress, the next thing comes is the selection of the jewelry and the accessories to wear with the dress. The selection of jewelry for the bride is always a personal choice. The accessories selected should be unique and they must definitely give a charming and contemporary look. Any bride wouldn’t want to go plain with just the dress and the veil at her wedding. That would not be much charming to see.

What about a nice tiara to compliment the dress? Is it really necessary to wear a tiara? Certainly it is not necessary as no one wears tiaras but only a few who love the antique styles do that. Well, without sounding offensive, everyone knows tiaras are so last history for bridal accessories. Western styled accessories that pop the grace of the bride are preferred. Clutches or handbags are the part of the wedding as well. These can be carried by the bridesmaids as the bride would be holding the bouquet.

Hair Pins

The hair of the bride completes the wedding look. Hair style adorned with accessories can make the bride look prettier. To make the bride look prettiest on her wedding, hair pins and hair combs can come in handy. Stylish combs with fancy work on them can put up the hairstyle with an amazing look. You can choose from a wide range of hair accessories for the bride. These accessories can be custom made too. Just remember to choose the design or style that compliments your wedding dress as well.


Swarovski Pearls Hair Pin

Swarovski pearl hair pin

Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins.

Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins.

Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins.

Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins.

Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins.

Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins.

Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins.


Handmade Swarovski Pearl Hair Pin


Swarovski Pearls Hair Pins

Bridal Pure Silk Flowers Hair Pin

Bridal Pure Silk Flowers Hair Pin

Bridal  Sashes

Flower sashes can never look great enough on a wedding dress. Not just the bride but the bridesmaid can also wear it. A plain white elegant dress cannot be ruined if a flower sash made of silk is added to it. A bridal dress isn’t complete till flowers are added to the dress itself or in any accessory.

Off White Bridal Sash

Off White Bridal Sash

Off White Pure Silk Bridal Sash

Off White Pure Silk Bridal Sash


Gray Bridal Sash


Pure Silk Organza Bridal Sash


Black Pure Silk Flowers Bridal Sash


Navy Pure Silk Flowers Bridal Sash


Navy Bridal Sash


Taupe Bridal Sash


A headband made of fancy pearls or crystal on top of the bun or around the bun depending on headband’s shape can be a marvelous increment in the whole appearance. The wire the headband is made from does not make the head itch as it is made irritation free and just according to the comfort of the head.


Beaded Bridal Headband


Beaded Bridal Headband. Swarovski Pearls ans Crystals.


Swarovski Pearls and Crystals Bridal Headband


Preciosa Pearls and Crystals Headband



What could be the best compliment to the bride’s wedding dress? That definitely is some swanky killer shoes. Choosing a perfect pair of shoes for your dress is a huge decision to make. The new trend of transparent pointed heels with a hint of stones on top is a perfect choice for any bride. The choice of heels depends mostly on personal preference.

Bridal Veil

A veil made of net is the typical trend for the wedding dresses and it is still in trends. Silk flowers look best with the bridal veils. The veil gives a finishing touch and makes the bride beautiful in her own way. The attachment of the veil is quite easy and the “to be” bride can take suggestion from the former brides for avoiding imperfections.

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