Wedding Day Bridal Accessorie

After planning and designing the wedding dress, the next thing comes is the selection of the jewelry and the accessories to wear with the dress. The selection of jewelry for the bride is always a personal choice. The accessories selected should be unique and they must definitely give a charming and contemporary look. Any bride wouldn’t want to go plain with just the dress and the veil at her wedding. That would not be much charming to see.

What about a nice tiara to compliment the dress? Is it really necessary to wear a tiara? Certainly it is not necessary as no one wears tiaras but only a few who love the antique styles do that. Well, without sounding offensive, everyone knows tiaras are so last history for bridal accessories. Western styled accessories that pop the grace of the bride are preferred. Clutches or handbags are the part of the wedding as well. These can be carried by the bridesmaids as the bride would be holding the bouquet. Continue reading →

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