Black wedding dresses – A Good option?

Wearing black wedding dresses to the occasion has been a debatable question but I personally believe that wearing black can be a good option, if used correctly. There are two sides to the story, some experts believe that if you can make the black wedding dresses look festive, then you can wear it to the occasion, whereas the second school of thought is more rhetorical in nature and suggests that wearing black wedding dresses are a prohibited activity. Let’s talk about the ups and downs of wearing black in detail so that you can make the final decision for yourself.

The ups

Black is an elegant dress and can certainly portray the elegance if you can carry it perfectly. However, for a wedding, you need to make sure that you add a small spectrum of colors to the equation with the help of accessories so as to make it more festive and a part of the event. One way to do this can be in terms of using silky flowers which are available in a wide variety of colors and can easily add colors to your wedding look. For this, you will need to first decide a theme so that you are not all over the place, so firstly decide upon a color. Blue is definitely a very elegant choice, but you can also opt for purple as well.

I personally think that white is more suitable for the occasion as opposed to blue because of its shiny nature. Wearing a white sash with a silk flower can be a good option to add colors to your dress. Furthermore, you should also wear complimenting jeweler which has an element of white in it as well so that it gels in with the overall look.

The downs

There are really a very few drawbacks of wearing black. One could be in terms of the heat absorbing nature of the color which is true for some occasions where the temperature is quite high. Apart from this, there is a school of thought that suggests that one should not wear black to weddings, but the same school of thought also suggests that wearing strapless is also an unacceptable element in a wedding, but it is largely accepted by a huge audience. Hence, it can be said that the norms and longstanding ideas are constantly changing and thus wearing black is acceptable on weddings.

Summing up

To conclude the above debate, it can be said that a Black wedding dresses are coming back in fashion and can be worn at the occasion, despite of the longstanding ideas that suggest that one cannot opt for the option. Also, there are more ups to wearing black as opposed to downs because you can easily accessorize your black dress in a more appropriate manner to make it stand out in terms of elegance and class. Lastly, a silk flower can enhance the overall design to add the necessary colors to the dress.

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