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me My name is Nataliia, sometime friends call me Natalie. I am a silk flower accessory designer. I love the creativity and admire people who create beautiful things with their hands.

My path to the creation of silk flowers and a variety of bridal accessories, I think, comes from childhood. Everyone in my family had some talent. My mother and grandmother were good knitters and crocheters, making beautiful decorations for home. I think to some extent their talents were partially passed on to me.

I came to the U.S. from Ukraine, a small European country, when I got married. My first impression of America was a friendly and welcoming people who were always ready to help. But at the same time, I never thought that immigrant life is not only a joy but also full of some challenges. I always say, “Those who have not been an immigrant will never understand all difficulties of immigrant’s life.” Different country that is completely different and unusual for the Slavic’s culture….

I am constantly trying to find myself in a country that has become my home.

I began my career as a salesperson in “Russian store” and later as a health care provider. I liked my job and people that worked with me a lot, but my creative side of the personality was looking for output. In Ukraine I had a small boutique business and knitting studio. Also, I have been maintaining a number of web sites, that I created myself.. However, I made a decision: “I love to be creative, and I will do what I love to do”.

One evening I made ​​a small craft using embroidered satin ribbons, and then I made a little hair clips of foam and satin ribbons for girls. I gradually mastered the technique of making satin ribbons, foam, and finally came to hot treatment techniques of creating silk flowers.

Currently I create silk flowers for hair, flower bridal hair accessories and silk accessories for clothing. I create, cut and dye my silk flowers by hand and use natural silk and non-toxic dyes. I craft by hand every petal and leaf, treat them with hot tools and then process them by a special procedure to make them beautiful and long lasting. Each petal is attached to a flower by hand, so I never make two identical silk flower accessories or crystals and pearls accessories for hair, thus each silk flower has own unique style.

This is very interesting and exciting passion, and I truly hope that people who like to experience esthetic pleasure enjoy my silk flowers for hair.

My first online store was opened  and I am very grateful this online resource for the opportunity to start my business. I hope to a long cooperation with

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