Shopping for the Bride’s Mother

The most special people in the wedding are of course the bride and groom but who comes next to them? It is certain that the next people are the bride and groom’s parents. The bride’s mother has got to deal with most of the guests to handle and supervise; making sure that all is going the way they planned. The bride gains confidence just because of her mother being there with her. The strong bond of the mother and daughter comes alive at times like wedding. As the mother is important, she has got to look perfect for the occasion.

It is quite an impossible thing to match or coordinate the dresses of both the bride and the mother. But matching the color schemes and going for lookalike shades would be good. Different styles in the mother’s dress would be good. Some brides leave the choice for their wedding dress on the mothers while some do that job on their own.

Having an idea about what the groom’s mother is wearing should be kept in mind. While meeting up before the wedding you can ask the groom’s mother to give an idea of what she is going to wear. Either you can go for that style or you can add some twist at the last moment and go for something exotic. But as it is the bride’s big day, so looking exotic should be left for the bride only.

Obviously being above 35 or 40 in age the bride’s mother should look best wearing a classic long gown and some antique jewelry. Take a look to the following dresses the bride’s mother can wear at her daughter’s wedding:

  • Sheath Tip of the Shoulder

A woman at the age of getting ready for her daughter to get married needs a good formal dress to wear at the big day. The women who are more into exposure can have a nice gown with the sheath tip shoulder. That looks best on every mother.

  • Fabric Top Lace Neck Gowns

a nice fall at the bottom of the dress and fabric covered lace neck dresses are the most killer appearances for any mother out there. These dresses cover up the neck so you won’t have to wear any necklace as accessory. But you can wear one if you like.

  • Silk Gowns

Silk gowns have always been the perfect fit for formal wear. Mothers at wedding and even other women aged above than 35 like to wear silk gowns and they look remarkable in them. A silk gown requires the mother to be in good and fit shape.

  • Lace Print Dresses/Gowns

Lace print dresses are everywhere these days. Young girls with cocktail lace print dresses and mothers with lace print gowns are seen at every wedding. Formal wear definitely count these in.

  • Velvet Lace Overlay Dress

Velvet is the favorite of every bride’s mother. The tweak with velvet by giving it the lace impact on the whole dress is exactly what the mothers need. These dresses can have any kind of neck that the bride’s mother may prefer.


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