How to Buy a Perfect Hair Vine?

It is definitely a pressure for any woman to pick one hair vine when there is a world of variety available. But as it’s your big day, you would never want to pick something irrelevant or casual.

Pretty Hair Style | Photography: The Nickersons

If you are not wearing a veil on your wedding, you would be wearing an elaborated vine then. Seeing so many accessories can make any one obsessed but in the end, you only need one. You have to be sure to pick the one that goes with your wedding dress.

Ishtar by Gibson Bespoke

Tips to choose the right hair vine

Don’t get confused, have a look at some tips that can let you choose the perfect hair vine:

  • What hair style are you going to make on your wedding? Is it a French twist, a bun or a ponytail? There are different hair vines and tiaras meant to complement different hair styles.
  • Do you want the hair vine to be simple or embellished? You will find both less formal and elegant headpieces. Some might even have woven ribbon. If you are choosing the woven one, the ribbon should coordinate with your dress.
  • Before you make the final decision, check the quality of the vine. It must be flexible and it must have loops easy enough to adjust in your hair.,Maine pearl wedding headband

Securing the vine

If you are getting married on the beach, the hair vine will add a perfect finishing touch to the whole look. Most of the vines have a metal base, you just have to secure it to the hair with the help of the loops. If it is a long vine, you might need an additional grip in the middle. Use bobby pins to secure it.

Enchanted Atelier for Claire Pettibone // Laura Gordon Photography

Short vs. long vine

Short vines suit twisted or weaved hair at the side or the back. The long vines look great with twisted hair and you can also use them as a headband. Buy both short and long length vines because you might not know which one looks the best.

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