Guide To Find Perfect Wedding Shoes

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There are lots of things to worry about when it comes to wedding. Wedding shoes is also one of the most important items in the list of bridal accessories. Is the bridal dress finally decided? Then it is time to move on to the bridal shoes.

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For the darker wedding gown, do not choose white shoes. Sometimes, white seems to be too bright and in that case a suitable replacement is ivory. You would never want your shoes to stand out the dress right. The general rule says that the bridal shoes must be of the same shade as that of the wedding dress or they can be a bit darker too.

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While looking for ivory shoes, here are some tips that you need to follow:

  • How tall would you wish to look on your wedding day? This will make you decide if you want to choose flat shoes or platforms. The length of your gown will also count here. If it is long, then buy shoes that are between 2 and 3 inches. Before you choose high heels, you need to ask yourself if you are comfortable with them.
  • Don’t just look for a fashionable piece of shoes, look for a comfortable one too. It won’t be a bad idea to buy two pair of shoes i.e. one flat and one high heeled so that you can easily change and walk around after the wedding ceremony is over.

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  • You will find different shades of ivory. Always choose the one which goes perfectly with your wedding dress.
  • If you are having trouble finding shoes that exactly go with your wedding dress, don’t worry, dye-able shoes are available these days. You can make your very own customized wedding shoes that perfectly go with the wedding dress.

Once you have the perfect pair of shoes, it will add a finishing touch to the whole wedding look.

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