Have You Selected The Best Bridesmaid Bouquets?

Charlottesville Wedding from Katelyn James  Read more - http://www.stylemepretty.com/2013/09/11/charlottesville-wedding-from-katelyn-james/: Charlottesville Wedding from Katelyn James  Read more - http://www.stylemepretty.com/2013/09/11/charlottesville-wedding-from-katelyn-james/

Is the bridal bouquet ready but you haven’t yet chosen the flowers of the bridesmaids? These ladies are usually the ones who mean a lot to the bride so they have got to look as amazing as the bride.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets must not be neglected. They must carry the best flowers just like you, the bride. Here is a tip, before you select the bouquets of the bridesmaids, select your own. It is very important for the bouquets of the maids to coordinate with that of the bride. Typically, the bouquet of the bride has to be large, it must have expensive or better quality flowers, and it must be detailed with brooch, jewelry, or ribbon. The bouquet of the maids has to be small and less detailed than that of the bride.

The Bridesmaids Bouquets matched their Dresses Perfectly! Look at how beautiful that Fuschia is with the Purple!: The Bridesmaids Bouquets matched their Dresses Perfectly! Look at how beautiful that Fuschia is with the Purple!

Flowers options

You can choose any kind of flowers for the bouquet. If the bride is going to carry a rose and calla lilies bouquet, then the bridesmaids can hold bouquets of roses only. If the bride is going to carry a bouquet of different flowers, then the maids should carry only one variety, but it must be within the bouquet of the bride. In order to ensure unity, the ribbon of all the bouquets can be same.

Bridesmaids black dresses and red roses: Bridesmaids black dresses and red roses


If the bouquet of the bride is traditional white, the maids can hold bouquets of flowers with a darker shade or the shade that is similar to color of their dresses. You can also play with colors, one girl can hold a yellow bouquet and the other can hold red and so on.

rose and baby's breath bouquets | Live View Studios | Bridal Musings see the full wedding here: http://bridalmusings.com/2013/08/rustic-pink-wedding-live-view-studios/: rose and baby's breath bouquets | Live View Studios | Bridal Musings see the full wedding here: http://bridalmusings.com/2013/08/rustic-pink-wedding-live-view-studios/


The shape of the bouquet plays an important role in distinguishing the bride’s bouquet and the bouquet of the maids. For example, the bride can hold a cascading bouquet while the maids can hold posy bouquets.

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Look More Flattering On Your Wedding with a Bridal Belt

fashion blogger, and bride-to-be @jennybernheim looks stunning in the Penelope Gown from BHLDN | jenna bechtholt photography | click through to see the entire look

The modern life style of today has brought all women to choose the fashionable accessories for their wedding. You would love to have a customized wedding dress right? Apart from the typical bridal accessories, wouldn’t it be nice to have additional customized touch on your wedding gown? Perhaps a wedding sash or belt would do the work. It is amazing how so many belts with motif are available that you can tie around your dress and make it look even beautiful.

Stunning Magic Hour Wedding Portraits  | Carlie Statsky Photography | Earthy and Organic Wedding Shoot in Soft Neutrals and Copper

Before you choose the bridal belt, there are some things to consider. For example, what color to choose, how much money to spend on the belt, does the belt even look nice with the gown, what type of belt to choose and more.

Casablanca Bridal Fall 2014 | bellethemagazine.com

A bridal sash can make your look even more flattering and if it is according to the shape of your body, then it is going to emphasis on your good looks even more. If you have a detailed wedding gown, then a simple ribbon sash would look amazing. Similarly, if you have a simple wedding dress, a lavish belt will accessorize it well. Just be careful that the belt does not get mixed with the texture of the dress otherwise it will not get noticed at all.

Twisted ribbons with hundreds of brilliant prong set rhinestones in three sparkly sizes, 3/4 inch wide and 18 inches long, with ribbon ties of your

While buying the belt, do consider your body type. Women have rectangular, pear-shaped, hourglass, apple, and triangle shaped bodies. Once you know your body type, it will get easier for you to choose the right belt that flatters the dress.

DIY Wedding Belt- Only $25!!!

Now the most important thing is the price of the bridal belt. Usually, the belts lie between $30 and $200 so it’s up to your budget which one you can afford. As long as it is looking great, even a handmade belt will make a nice addition to your wedding gown.

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Wedding Day Bridal Accessorie

After planning and designing the wedding dress, the next thing comes is the selection of the jewelry and the accessories to wear with the dress. The selection of jewelry for the bride is always a personal choice. The accessories selected should be unique and they must definitely give a charming and contemporary look. Any bride wouldn’t want to go plain with just the dress and the veil at her wedding. That would not be much charming to see.

What about a nice tiara to compliment the dress? Is it really necessary to wear a tiara? Certainly it is not necessary as no one wears tiaras but only a few who love the antique styles do that. Well, without sounding offensive, everyone knows tiaras are so last history for bridal accessories. Western styled accessories that pop the grace of the bride are preferred. Clutches or handbags are the part of the wedding as well. These can be carried by the bridesmaids as the bride would be holding the bouquet. Continue reading →

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Shopping for the Bride’s Mother

The most special people in the wedding are of course the bride and groom but who comes next to them? It is certain that the next people are the bride and groom’s parents. The bride’s mother has got to deal with most of the guests to handle and supervise; making sure that all is going the way they planned. The bride gains confidence just because of her mother being there with her. The strong bond of the mother and daughter comes alive at times like wedding. As the mother is important, she has got to look perfect for the occasion.

It is quite an impossible thing to match or coordinate the dresses of both the bride and the mother. But matching the color schemes and going for lookalike shades would be good. Different styles in the mother’s dress would be good. Some brides leave the choice for their wedding dress on the mothers while some do that job on their own. Continue reading →

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What Makes A Good Wedding Dressmaker?

Silk Flowers for Dress The most memorable and cherished day of all is certainly the wedding of a person. Wedding is the complete vow of standing there with each other, side by side throughout the walk of life. This event makes best of the memory for the couple. Mostly couples start working on the wedding arrangements and planning months before the wedding for creating excellence and reaching perfection in everything from the cake and arrangements to the dresses of the bride and groom. This is done to make sure nothing is left behind for the big day. Continue reading →

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