How to Pick the Best Flower Girl Dress?

Summer weddings have their own perks. The beauty of the wedding will be incomplete if you don’t have flower girls to welcome the bride. So like all other things, you have to be careful while choosing the dresses for your flower girls.


Take advantage of summer and you will find lots of choices in beautiful wedding dresses. Here is a guide that will help you in choosing the dresses for the flower girls:

  • Color: Color is the first thing to consider. Light colors are best because they reflect coolness. If that seems to be too common, then you can choose matte finish dresses. It is going to look more classic on the girls.

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  • Length: The second thing to consider is the length of the dress. It is better to choose the knee length dresses because it is easy to move around. Less is better because as it is summer, heat will easily move out of the fabric.
  • Sleeves: Sleeves of the dress are also important. You can choose capped, sleeved or sleeveless dresses. It is best to choose the dresses in which the girls can move easily. Girls might get irritated with the fabric so it’s recommended to choose sleeveless dresses. Dolce & Gabanna F/W 2013:
  • Fabric: The type of fabric is also important. The best ones include organza, chiffon and georgette. You need such a fabric that is breathable for the girls.

Flower girl:

Whether you are getting the dresses stitched or you are getting readymade dresses, you must be sure that the measurements are exact. There are many beautiful styles in the dresses for girls that can make the girls look cute. The cuter they will look, the more beautiful your wedding will become. Everything at the wedding has to be perfect so you would not want the girls to get irritated with their dresses.

Flower Girl Dress for Wedding Tutu Dress And Birthday Girl Party Costumes  #CompleteCostume:

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Guide To Choose the Best Wedding Gloves

Accessories can add an extra spark to the wedding attire. In case you are looking for an elegant touch, then wedding gloves is the tool that can you use according to your interest to achieve this goal.

One of my many collections...vintage wedding gloves!:

Length of the gloves is directly related to the formalness of the occasion. The style of the dress is also an important factor that influences the selection of the gloves. If the gown is simple, fancy gloves will complement well. The goal should always be to enhance the beauty not to make everything too overwhelming. Let’s observe some tips for selecting the wedding gloves:

Bride gloves:

  • The length of the gloves is important. It can either be short or long. If the length of the sleeves is short, then select the long gloves and vice versa.
  • The wedding gloves are found in different materials and style of course. The fabric should not be much different from that of your gown. If you are wearing a silk gown, then you can choose lace or satin gloves.
  • If you are worried that you will have to remove gloves while exchanging rings and this will get messy then fingerless gloves can be worn. This will help you in practicing the etiquettes properly without taking off or wearing the gloves again and again.

Styled. Like.:

After you have bought the right pair of gloves, it is recommended to wear them and practice putting them and taking them off. Use the gloves freely to show your personality, sometimes it is not a bad idea to break the rules. You can also wear the dress and the gloves just to check everything is matching. Nevertheless, the gloves should be complementary, in the right length, size and they must be chosen with the goal of making you look elegant. These accessories although are minor but they can make a big difference in beautifying the overall look.

Lycra Fingerless Opera Length Bridal Gloves:

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Guide To Find Perfect Wedding Shoes

Betsey Johnson | sparkly wedding heels | vow renewal | French wedding ideas | #weddingchicks

There are lots of things to worry about when it comes to wedding. Wedding shoes is also one of the most important items in the list of bridal accessories. Is the bridal dress finally decided? Then it is time to move on to the bridal shoes.

glittery sparkly Badgley Mischka gold pumps #weddingshoes


For the darker wedding gown, do not choose white shoes. Sometimes, white seems to be too bright and in that case a suitable replacement is ivory. You would never want your shoes to stand out the dress right. The general rule says that the bridal shoes must be of the same shade as that of the wedding dress or they can be a bit darker too.

A pop of color

While looking for ivory shoes, here are some tips that you need to follow:

  • How tall would you wish to look on your wedding day? This will make you decide if you want to choose flat shoes or platforms. The length of your gown will also count here. If it is long, then buy shoes that are between 2 and 3 inches. Before you choose high heels, you need to ask yourself if you are comfortable with them.
  • Don’t just look for a fashionable piece of shoes, look for a comfortable one too. It won’t be a bad idea to buy two pair of shoes i.e. one flat and one high heeled so that you can easily change and walk around after the wedding ceremony is over.

white shoes with bows #whiteshoes

  • You will find different shades of ivory. Always choose the one which goes perfectly with your wedding dress.
  • If you are having trouble finding shoes that exactly go with your wedding dress, don’t worry, dye-able shoes are available these days. You can make your very own customized wedding shoes that perfectly go with the wedding dress.

Once you have the perfect pair of shoes, it will add a finishing touch to the whole wedding look.

Photography: Alison Conklin Photography - Read More:

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How to Buy a Perfect Hair Vine?

It is definitely a pressure for any woman to pick one hair vine when there is a world of variety available. But as it’s your big day, you would never want to pick something irrelevant or casual.

Pretty Hair Style | Photography: The Nickersons

If you are not wearing a veil on your wedding, you would be wearing an elaborated vine then. Seeing so many accessories can make any one obsessed but in the end, you only need one. You have to be sure to pick the one that goes with your wedding dress.

Ishtar by Gibson Bespoke

Tips to choose the right hair vine

Don’t get confused, have a look at some tips that can let you choose the perfect hair vine:

  • What hair style are you going to make on your wedding? Is it a French twist, a bun or a ponytail? There are different hair vines and tiaras meant to complement different hair styles.
  • Do you want the hair vine to be simple or embellished? You will find both less formal and elegant headpieces. Some might even have woven ribbon. If you are choosing the woven one, the ribbon should coordinate with your dress.
  • Before you make the final decision, check the quality of the vine. It must be flexible and it must have loops easy enough to adjust in your hair.,Maine pearl wedding headband

Securing the vine

If you are getting married on the beach, the hair vine will add a perfect finishing touch to the whole look. Most of the vines have a metal base, you just have to secure it to the hair with the help of the loops. If it is a long vine, you might need an additional grip in the middle. Use bobby pins to secure it.

Enchanted Atelier for Claire Pettibone // Laura Gordon Photography

Short vs. long vine

Short vines suit twisted or weaved hair at the side or the back. The long vines look great with twisted hair and you can also use them as a headband. Buy both short and long length vines because you might not know which one looks the best.

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Fall Collection Samples. Autumn Wedding. Wedding “Leaf Fall”

Fall Collection Samples. Autumn Wedding. Wedding “Leaf Fall”

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